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A Court of Starlight and Frost by Sarah J. Maas

Hey Hunters,

December is here with freezing temperatures for many of us, and Holidays are upon us. Of course with these cold winds, I had to find a book to keep me company on the bus to work and what better book than one about winter? A Court of Starlight and Frost is a perfect book just for that and to curb Feyre and Rhys hangover. Now let's get into this juicy review.

A Court of Frost and Starlight by Sarah J Maas

Genre: Fantasy, Romance, YA

Length: 299 pages

The book was purchased by me.

Synopsis: A winter solstice at the Night Court and Feyre is a High Lady. Her, Rhys, family and friends are constantly tested by enemies. Feyre's life is changed once she became a fae.

Opinion: I liked this short novella of a book, mostly because it is so right for the season. ACOTAR series are trying to dispell the idea of fae being perfect, or only two-faced or overly beautiful. Instead, things like fertility and more personal struggles are explored. The idea of living eternally also brings with it painful memory and flashback of days past.

I think this book perfectly shows the fact that fae's life although long will bring struggles with it. Long-life also means knowing a hell a lot of people and most likely crossing them more than once on your path. Maas humanizes fae in the way that readers are now able to relate even more to these amazing creatures.

This book is perfect for the winter season, to curl up under a blanket with a hot drink in hand. I would also suggest this book as a gift to someone who has read the first three ACOTAR books.

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐ ⭐

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