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Upcoming Short Stories:

Timeloop Romance 2 2023
Timeloop Romance Series (Book 2)

Franzi a heartbroken twenty-something-year-old, simply doesn't seem to catch a break. Living in a party city, boyfriends that don't seem to be serious enough, and worse yet? Gets herself stuck in a different time, doing her darndest to get back home. 

Timeloop Romance 3 2023

Timeloop Romance Series (Book 3)

Angel 2024
Timeloop Romance Series (Book 4)


Unnamed Werewolf story - Coming  2024

Being the youngest pack leader, uniting three clans, and bringing the race of werewolves to the Golden Age is no small feat. Liam having achieved where others have failed, is now facing a question of a successor.



Arranged Marriage -2024

Rodger a successful NYC dentist returns to his hometown of Paris, Virginia. Looking for a wife is not easy when you are successful. Roberta is a lawyer, recently divorced, and came back to Paris to be with her grandmother.  Having a family is difficult when you are looking over your shoulder.



Thirteen Madison -  2023

Description Pending

Hipp the Great 2024

Amazon queen story

Cerberus 2024

Time Police Sci-Fi story

Women Of The Middle-Earth 
A collection of stories:

Daughter of Galadriel (not an official title)

Origin of Orcs (not an official title)

These stories will be published on my website completely free for fans to read. Women of Middle-Earth are not a #metoo movement "children" or support stories, nor a feminist perspective. Since I was a very young girl, I had an appreciation for Tolkien's work, and being a woman myself I've always wanted to continue the legend of Middle-Earth. Middle-Earth was always a way for a boy to mature. Women of Middle Earth, in this case, are a journey for girls.

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