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Fire and Blood by George R. R. Martin and House of the Dragon

Hey Hunters,

I am so excited about Fire and Blood, it sat on my shelf for a while now, intimidating me with its bulging spine. Obviously I wanted to get to read it as soon as possible, but protested on the grounds that it was a prequel and not the continuation of the Song of Fire and Ice. Now, this post is a short review and a news update in one. I do have to mention that a lot of people said that the Fire and Blood is not for them and that several news articles did not do this book any favors. I would like to dispell any fear that anyone has about the book thou. It reads easier than the Sermalirion and more like a light history book. Not a typical fiction read, but not a trashy novel to slap around.

I did my best to have it spoil free!

Fire and Blood is set 300 years before the Song of Fire and Ice. The book focuses on Targaryen lineage and how they've come to Westeros. A great variety of themes and anecdotes are mentioned in the story. The best way to describe this book would be the cleanup and tying the ends that were brought up throughout the Game of Thrones series.

Conquest of the Westeros:

One of the most important themes in the book and the one with which Martin kicks off: Why did Targaryens leave Valyria? The chapters focus on how different aspects of conquest blood alliances forged and how legends that we would come to know in Song of Fire and Ice were moulded and came through.

Iron Throne:

Second most interesting story for me in the book how the iron throne was moulded and which swords were used where. Of course, there are plenty of mentions of the story in the original books. Yet it was still interesting to hear about bend and unbent swords, again.


The book is filled through and through with illustrations. Those of us that were hungry to imagine more of the world of Westeros, are now able to enjoy it to the fullest. Some of the artwork reminds me greatly of the work that artists did in the creation of the movie trilogy Lord of the Rings. A nice touch and a pleasant gesture by artists I would say.

News Part!

So HBO already approved the Fire and Blood series to be turned into the TV Series! The official name of the show will be House of the Dragon. I did not see any dates as of yet, there were some mentions about March of the Next Year, but IMDB and HBO website is silent.


Are you guys excited about HBO series?

What about Fire and Blood did you think that the book deserves all of the negative hype that it has been getting?


Regina Hunter

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