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Pestilence by Laura Thalassa

Hey hunters,

I am back with another book review. It has come to my attention that although I did updates on War status and even did a cover review for Pestilence; I have never actually reviewed the book itself. Sad! With War breathing down my neck, I think this is the perfect time to properly introduce the older brother. To do so I have to go a little back in time, to the last year.

Note: Very light SPOILING!


First time I've laid my eyes on Pestilence was through the eyes of a reader who was loaded on Supernatural TV Series and a new fan of Court of Thorns and Roses. In the original cover, we had an elf-like king looking man, or so I've thought, which made me pause and do a double-take. The couple on the cover was dancing in the woods appeared so tenderly in love, that I could not help myself. Then came the title: Pestilence. My head spun in wonder, weak in the knees, I wondered if it is a story about THE Pestilence or an insult to someone in the story. There was no telling, as I am notorious for not reading book descriptions or reviews. (Note new cover has a blond hottie, who ain't too shabby either)


Laura Thalassa doe not force her reader to wait long to be introduced to the stupidly-brave-feisty Sara. One begins to love her quite soon into the story falling for her big heart, logical and determined demeanour. Sara can certainly take a beating and a bullet if it means that the story must go on.

Pestilence is an ominous-hot-brooding-hunk-of-a-male-aphrodisiac that sends the reader into a feverish fit, and other characters running. An immortal being, known as the Horseman of the Apocalypse with only one raison d'etre; cure the disease known as humanity. One thing he did not expect was to have his patience tested by Sara.

Trixie Skillz possibly the sweetest and most loyal character in this story. Keep an eye out for this one.


Apocalypse has arrived, uninvited and all, Pestilence is there to carry out the will of God and infect everyone with the deadly plague. A world of abandoned homes, unwilling hosts and rogue militia trying to stop the horseman. Do not mistake this world for a complete hell hole, as there are a few spots that one might call serene and safe for lovers to nest.

Final Thoughts

Can love be stronger than duty? Can there be love between enemies? These and many more questions are explored in this book.

Now, why would I read it for 5 whole times?

The first time I've read it, it was to cover the hole that was left there by another book. Second and third, to keep the feelings that I've felt the first time alive. Four and five to survive until War, the sequel, arrives. To be honest I am awaiting Death, as he seems to be the sceptic, with a tiny debut in Pestilence already. But going back, yeah this book is simply that good.

A quick note on style. Book is very easy to read, I think if one pushes it, then could be done in one sitting. I like the fact that it is a very easy read, although some of the things are quite heavy in the book. At the end of the day, I would say that it is well balanced.

I hope that you love it as much as I did.


Regina Hunter

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