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On Being A weird Reader

Hey Hunters,

Today's topic is a bit of a rumble about how readers are portrayed on Instagram. As much as I love books, memorabilia, candles, funko figures, bookmarks and etc. I simply do not think it is sustainable, nor representative of an average reader. I do buy books that I love in hard copies, if possible borrow from a library, but living in Germany makes it a wee bit tricky with the English books. So I scroll down the instabookporn pages and what do I see?


How many candles can one ever have? With gazillion smells. I do have teacup candles about 50 of them, which I've got for 2€ and a huge green one that my husband had since the early Cretaceous. Those candles are at least 3$ a pop, why people? Add a 1$ and that is a new book at the flea market!

And yes my behind buys books from the flea market. Being frugal is not a sin, yet!

Funko Figurines:

Please explain to me, how many of those does one person need? I have one! Of Bobby Singer, that's it! One! It doesn't get me hard for reading. I got it for my husband's birthday. Since then he sits on my shelf, falls over and migrates to a section where I am not currently reading from. What do people do with twenty of those? Do they eat them? I think another waste of funds, where actual books could be purchased!


Although I am in possession of a large variety of teacups, never have I ever brew the tea to read. I have a whole frigging Japanese set, where tea is heated with a candle, and mineral sugar spoons to make it sweet- I am yet to get it out to read. Do you know what happens? I get in a comfortable hole, where nobody can find me, but a sufficient amount of light shines on the page, and surprise, I read!

Multiple editions:

I get that when you love a book you might want to have two copies. As I had a vintage Lord of the Rings, which I obviously couldn't read, and thus had a cheap paperback. Explain to me how one buys 3 different hardcopy editions and why? Am I the only poor reader in the world? Am I missing something?

While I am at it, why do ebooks are getting hate? Have you heard of Amazon Unlimited? For like 10 bucks I can read as much as I want until I am blue in the face. Did you know you can borrow books from the library on those things? I remember when Nook One came out and my ass could go to Barnes and Noble to read for an hour for free. So please tell my broke ass how is it I am a traitor to books?

Books and reading have been vanity throughout history, and owning a sufficient library still is. So I ask my fellow dragons to respect those who cannot afford a book or every edition in existence.  At the same time, Instagram stop teasing me with fake shelves!


Regina Hunter

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