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Lady in White Teaser 1

Mr. James followed Margaret to the store. The force was pulling him towards the vessel. The blessing kept her safe from him for now, but still, he followed her. James wanted to stay near the house, where his unmarked grave was, but a happy disposition from Margaret appealed to him. He wondered where she was going all by herself and with such excitement.

James walked some distance behind her, as not to seem strange to the other ghosts. Mostly he didn’t want to draw their attention to Margaret, but they seemed preoccupied with themselves more often than not. Lucky him. As he sneaked away, overjoyed by the energy coming off of the living spirit, James gave himself permission to be joyous. A smile spread on his face as he glided behind the skipping child. It did not take long for her to reach the store, where the delicious, cavity-inducing treats were sold. The spirit looked around, not accustomed to haunt anything but the house and its grounds, now, taking the opportunity to catch up with the world.

He could see Margaret perusing the store out of the corner of his eye, but was a little distracted looking around. The new shops stood, where his tipi once was erected, they fascinated him. James’s tribe was not attached to one single place and moved to give land and pastures rest, but he could see the shapes of his old life where newness sprung. To him, it was fascinating how attached the colonists were to their land, the need to call one place home and own it. The amount of energy poured in to secure the strongholds was utterly astounding to him. The ideas were not beyond him, as his tribe was of a very open mind, yet, he could not help himself but wonder.

So preoccupied he was, that he almost missed the man passing by the store.

But he didn’t.

One glance back and he knew exactly the look in the predator's eyes. He had seen monsters like him sneaking to steal his sisters before. This kind of beast didn’t need permission, they committed atrocities, the dirtier their hands got, the more they’ve committed them. It has been over a century since he had seen the look in the black eyes of the monster, but seeing it now, James could not mistake it.

The gaze was now, to his utter horror, focused on Margaret. James darted into the shop, knocking the air out of himself as he passed through the objects. The blades of the glass felt like they were stripping his skin off, but the fear leads him on, as he made his way to the little oblivious girl picking her sweets. Just as he reached her, the Monster entered the store behind him.

James was at the girl's side in a heartbeat, he had to act fast, as he was about to fade. He stopped just at the corner of the aisle. Breathing hard, and looking around the store for something for her to use as a weapon.

Lady in White

Coming soon...

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