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Highland Dance: Final Teaser

Hello fellow book hunters,

I am happy to inform y'all that my editing is coming to an end. With this news, I would also like to share the second and final teaser. In all honesty, I am scared and excited as to how my book will be accepted. Although it was very difficult to edit it, I found that writing it was a very giving experience. I also would like to thank my friends and family for supporting me in this endeavor. Honestly in the last week so many people came out to support me, live never before. Thank you.

And now the teaser:

“Apologies, lord Crowley, we won’t be, but a minute behind your party.”

Crowley looked from Campbell to Helena, nodding ever so slightly, before placing his hand on the back of Alpin’s shoulder. Helena was sure that if it was not for the lord Crowley, Pin would’ve been cemented to the floor, right there and then, not letting her stay alone with this man. Somewhere deep down she wished that he would do that. She wished that she had more power and courage to say what was actually on her mind.

The room being empty, Campbell gave Helena once over with his calculating gaze. There was no telling if he was incapable of emotions or just had an astounding control over his demeanor. He offered her his elbow, as he at first took her about the room, before heading out, down the hall towards the dining hall. As they made their round, he spoke in a slightly softer, but still forward tone.

“Lady Crowley, although our acquaintance is quite brief, and vague, I do think myself a good judge of character. Not only on the account of others but seeing my own faults and shortcomings, as well as the generosity of my position. It did not astound me to notice that in just a few short meetings, I discovered that there is an affection growing within me.” Helena blushed a deep shade of red, wishing to go through the floor, or at very least for Campbell to stop talking. “I do not swear to be a passionate man, nor the one who reads poetry under the oak trees. I am a businessman and a lord, a man of means. I can offer you a content life. Where you would need for nothing. A life by my side as a lady Campbell. Very few men can offer this, especially in our uncertain times.”

They stopped a few rooms short of a dining hall. Campbell obviously waiting for a solid answer from her or at least an inclination of interest.

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