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5 Books To Give To A Book Lover

Hey Hunters,

Birthdays, Christmas or even random acts of kindness require a gift at times. Book Lovers are a group of people that is very difficult to give a gift to. Sure, sounds easy, just buy a book, but for people like me, that have read 4,000 books, this feat is not easy. (Whatever you but, I probably have read it.) Gift cards to buy books work too and is always appreciated, but nothing compares to that one friend that gets you and actually buys a good book. So here is a list of 5 books that a reader friend most likely doesn't have and did not read.

North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell


This book is perfect for romance lovers with a dab of life. I actually did give this book as a gift to my friend for her birthday. Despite the mini-series with Armitage (so dreamy!), I personally know of very few people who have read this one. Book has a similar undertone to Pride and Prejudice, with a smidgen of Jane Eyre in it. This piece focuses greatly on the time of the Industrial Revolution and social inequality.  So while the soul will be stimulated with the romance story, the brain will have a lovely trip as well.

Villette by Charlotte Bronte


A less known work of the Charlotte. Although Jane Eyre made a splash and has quite a few movies to complement its existence, Villette is virtually unknown. I personally was looking for something to read by Charlotte, while I was travelling and this book hit home. Book is a little wordy, but I loved the constant suspense. This one deals with a travelling teacher in search of work; finding a new home in a French academy in Villette; caught in a love triangle. I suggest getting this one in a leather edition, which makes it even more precious and timeworn. (picture is of the edition that I won)

Mythago Wood by Robert Holdstock


Mythology, Robin Hood, Guinevere, adventure, romance it all is pack into this moderately sized manuscript. This book follows Steven, who returned home upon his father's death. He discovers his father's research on "meditations" and creatures that live in the Ryhope Wood near their estate. Knowing about the Mythago creates more mythago, so it is not long until Steven is visited by some peculiar guests. I do have to say that a person living in the UK is more likely to have read this book, so just keep this in mind. I know only one other person who has read this one.

The Winter Queen (Azazel) by Boris Akunin

Historical Fiction/Detective

Translated from Russian the world of Romanovs is brought back by Akunin making his books a sensation in Russia back in 2004. His books received several films, as well in Russian, and books were translated to more than a dozen languages. Despite this popularity, Akunin's books are not very well known in Western culture, especially to the English readers.

Fandorin a police officer, is a young man in the first instalment in Fandorin series, who falls in love with a lovely girl. We follow a somewhat complex story that deals in an investigation of weird suicides. Akunin has a bit of A. Christie style, giving his books a colorful description and unexpected endings. While characters are written in A. C. Doyle style, with almost superhuman skills in their fields.

Unless your friend is Russian, there is a 99% that they did not read this book. Gift away! Akunin also wrote Pelageya series, about a detective Nun, so for those that love women as detectives, I got you boo!

Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins


A worldwide sensation; a Guinness World Record Winner; former U.S. Navy SEAL - David Goggins gives his fans an insight into his life. His story is not an easy one to read, but it is inspirational and breathtaking. I will refrain from giving any more details about this book, simply because it needs to be read and appreciated. This book is a biography, so if your friend likes M. Obama Becoming or Lean In, then this one would be a great gift book for them. Military buffs are more likely to have read this one.

Comment which suggestion you've liked and should I do more of these?


Regina Hunter

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