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Ballerina in Highlands

Hey Hunters,

A quick update. My Books and Short Stories page was updated with a new story forecast. The story is called Ballerina in Highlands which is from Time Loop Romance Series, coming this November. These series I've worked on for years, but Ballerina came to my mind last Sunday, so I've been relentlessly working on it.  I get enough feedback on it, I will publish the rest of them.

The Time Loop Romance Series was born from a Cerberus novel, which I did not yet finish, about the future of policing and how different our societies will be.  In the future terrorists will use illegal Time Loops, to conduct terror acts, stealing time from somewhere else to have a "pause" in the present. That is how loops (portals) of time appear throughout history and heroes and heroines occasionally fall through them.  I am not sure yet when I will have time to finish Cerberus, as I am now working on Lady in White as my main project.

Check out my Books and Short Stories page, to keep up to date and don't forget to sign up for a newsletter.


Regina Hunter

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